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Leisurely Paced Preview: Can Georgia do it?

This leisurely paced preview will look at tomorrow's game where Georgia walks into Auburn for the "Deep South's Oldest Rivalry"

The Game

Auburn is in some kind of holding pattern since their win over Florida that keeps them from beating anyone by as much as they should.  Much of this may be a function of Kenny Irons being injured, and he is in fact still injured, though he will play against Georgia.

Georgia is having a really bad year by Mark Richt standards, but a win against hated rival Auburn can heal almost all their wounds.  The Georgia defense has proven more porous than was first thought, and True Frosh Matt Stafford is still getting use to the college game.  Hopefully the Bulldogs can really on the strong running of Kregg Lumpkin et al.  Auburn has had trouble against power running at times, especially against Arkansas in their only loss.

At the very least we have weakness on weakness with the Auburn O on the Georgia D.  We'll see if Matt Stafford can lead his team to scores on the offensive end for Georgia.

Implications for Texas

We certainly don't need Auburn to lose for a chance at the title game, especially if they get shut out of the SEC title game, but the Tigers are ahead of us in 4 computers, so a Tiger loss would give us a .04 bump in the computers, which will help us slowly inch our way into the MNC game.  Also I believe it benefits everyone if Kyle is happy, and a Bulldog win over Auburn would make Kyle very happy.

Kyle hates Auburn

This has been a leisurely paced preview