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The Aftermath: Kansas State

Somewhere, Marcus Griffin just got smoked...

Well.... That wasn't that fun. And ya know, it just had to happen like that, right? I mean, we couldn't sit their all Saturday, pumping our fists with gleeful schaedenfreude as we cheered on South Carolina, Arizona, and Georgia and not expect that we'd be in for a fight of our own.

It was just one of those awful nights, very much like Texas' last Big 12 road loss - 2002 in Lubbock. Remember that game? A cold night on the road for the Horns, playing an outmatched opponent that puts it all together to pass Texas out of the BCS title hunt. Same story last night.

Josh Freeman just buried the Horns. Perhaps inspired by Andre Ware in the calling booth, Freeman lit up Texas to the tune of 19 completions for 261 yards. And only three touchdowns to show for it. May we politely reccommend that the football writers who decide these things kindly remove Aaron Ross and Michael Griffin from their Best Of lists?

Marcus Griffin proves once and for all that you can't defend a pass without being near the football.

The saddest part about this loss is that we can't blame it on Colt McCoy getting hurt. With Colt in the game, we probably win, but you can't give up 45 points and blame the loss on offensive ineptitude. Snead wasn't a world-beater, but the offense didn't exactly sputter and die. Forty-two points ought to beat Kansas State. Hell, 41 beat USC in the Rose Bowl.

Instead, we're forced to retreat to the conclusion that's been lurking in the back of our minds since the Baylor game: this year's secondary isn't very good. We justified not believing it because the group always rebounded enough to avoid a painful loss, and we got spoiled by Colt's ability to march up and down the field. But it's as true today as it ever has been - play with fire enough and you're bound to get burned.

We'll get into positional reviews later today, but for now, a nod to Kansas State for playing their game of the year, and a shaking of our collective heads that Texas wasn't ready to play last night.

And somewhere, Michael Griffin just got smoked...

(Aaron Ross, too.)