Chizik vs Akina

Somebody help me out.  Obviously our D got trashed last night in a bad way.  So just who is to blame?

I agree with the sentiment stated by a few on this site that I don't want to blame the players (they are only kids), despite them being the one's on the field making the plays (or not, as the case may be).

So which D-Coordinator should take the responsibility?  What is their actual role in game prep, package calling, etc.

I struggle with this issue and I have since the MNC when our D got shredded in the second half.  While I love Chizik and don't think we would've won said championship without his coaching, I'm really concerned about our "progress" as a defensive unit.  And his linebacker unit, while adequate, doesn't seem to be spectacular.

The secondary has been a major concern this year as they have been scorched time and again.  Was our talent that much better last year?  While Huff was clearly top-notch, I obviously under-valued Cedric Griffin as a cover corner.  Was the group playing above their heads in a year that was meant to be?  Or has something else changed - perhaps a defensive philosophy that I'm unaware?  And if so, which coach shoulders that responsibility?

Not to say that I want Greg Robinson and Dick Tomey back, but I loved the fact that Robinson's defense seemed to play hard until the whistle blew.  I think he even had some drills where he did not blow the whistle until at least 3 or 4 players got to the ball carrier.  I just don't see that kind of determination out of this year's squad.

So, just who is to blame on the defensive side of the ball?  And what can be done about it?  Do we need yet another change to the coaching staff on that side of the ball?

My gut says I hope that Akina takes off for greener pastures and is replaced by one Jerry Gray.  Working at least one year with Chizik to refine the players and develop some continuity.  But am I jumping to a wrong conclusion?  I just don't know.

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