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Texas Fan Threatens Doug Flutie

The title of this article is not at all facetious as this actually happened (HT Orson).

Among other things the fan reportedly wrote, in an email to Doug Flutie's Autism Foundation

You jinxed the Longhorn faithful and a chance at the national title.

Apparently there was some threat of harm, because it has become a police matter.  The email is suspected to have come from California.

This story should serve to show us all that Texas has its share of insane fans.  We should be glad that there is such a message board as this one, where all we can muster against Flutie is a subdued sense of irony.

It's a lot of fun to get psyched up for the game, but it's not fun to go psycho and send death threats to TV personalities, in case anyone was wondering where the line was.