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Intern Homerism

As Texas fans we are treated to an exciting season of between 12 and 14 games every year, and almost every game makes us proud to be Texas fans.  At Harvard we have one...

And I'm psyched!

Harvard/Yale is played every year the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  This year it's in Boston, so we're headed straight for the craziest weekend at Harvard in two years.

You can see the effects of the game starting two weeks before, when students start lining up for tickets and student groups start peddling their originally designed Yale Sucks T-shirts, and, starting Thursday, the pure crazy will be palpable as every event will be based around the game in some way.

The hate is only just beginning.  No Yale alum is safe from our ire...except Walter Camp, because he basically invented football, but everyone else is fair game.  I'm looking at you John Kerry and both of you Bushes.

I have my ticket, and I can't wait for the game.  I expect our tiny, 5-10 tailback, Clifton Dawson to run all over the Yalies.  Hell he's only been held under 100 yards in three of our 9 games and has only been held under 90 once in a loss to Princeton.  Dawson averages 5.4 yards a carry and has already surpassed 1,000 yards despite being saddled with only a 10 game season.

As big as the game is, though.  The biggest news is about the tailgate, where Harvard officials have forbade tailgaters from serving alcohol, taking a page out of the University of Georgia's book.  The direct effect of this new regulation will probably involve a little more binge drinking by students in their dorm rooms and a lot more drunk people having to walk across several busy streets to get to the stadium.  Good job administrators.

All in all it looks to be a pretty good day up here in the Northeast, so when y'all see the obligatory highlight from the Harvard/Yale game on ESPN, think of me.

I'll be wearing a shirt designed by my beloved Mather House, though I can't seem to find a picture of the shirt at this moment.