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Sigh: Post Alert

Longtime readers of this site know that, on occasion, something will pop up on another site that can't wait until the next morning's links. It's either too good, or too outrageous, or too something to not need to be seen immediately.

One such post just popped up, over at the incomparable team blog MGoBlog. In prepping for his own team's showdown with Ohio State, Brian's taken the liberty of dissecting the tape of the only good team Ohio State's played this year: Texas.

Among the relevant conclusion:

*Aaron Ross is overrated. <sniffle>He's right</sniffle>

*The flesh eating death machine that is Colt McCoy in November was not the man playing Ohio State. (Also true.)

*Ohio State's defense was (is?) able to be run on consistently.

Anyway, head on over and check it out. It's quite instructive.