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South Park Revisited

Earlier in the season I posted a story comparing Big XII teams to South Park characters.  Well it's time to take a look back at several of those teams and see how it fills out the storyline.

Iowa State - Stan Marsh

Remember how Wendy represents the Big XII North title that Stan/ISU keeps puking on?  Well this season Wendy/winning broke up with them and they went goth, hanging out with all their goth friends...

Let's call them Temple, Buffalo, and Duke.

Baylor - Kenny McCormick

This season Baylor/Kenny got to come out of their usual parka/losing only to then be killed by Michael Jackson/have their quarterback injured against A&M.

At least you get to come out of your parka

Texas A&M - Chef

We thought A&M was down and out.  We said struggling against Army was indicative of decline, but it seems they're not out yet.

They're still alive!

But is this real or are the producers/football goods cruelly tempting Chef/A&M fans with hope of a return that will never materialize?  We'll see.