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Road to Glendale, November 20th Edition

The BCS appears to have lucked out again. In the final weeks of the season, all the remaining contenders play each other or just played each other. It started with Michigan and Ohio State last Saturday. Notre Dame will visit USC this Saturday night. And then Florida and Arkansas will hook up for the SEC championship. Barring some unforeseen upsets, those are the three games that matter.

We will likely be left with two teams arguing for a single spot opposite Ohio State. The chaos could have been much worse. We were so close to having a viable Big East candidate. We were close to having Texas in the mix as well.

After Rutgers predictable defeat (I had Cincy on the money line), it is down to just six teams.

Tier 1--The Favorites

  1. Ohio State 12-0--The final score was close but after tying the game at 7, the Buckeyes were pretty much in control the rest of the way. It will take a remarkable defensive effort to hold Troy Smith and company to under 30 points in Glendale. Next up: 7 weeks off.
  2. USC 9-1--The Trojans have dodged the landmines so far and are halfway through their tough four game stretch. Oregon and Cal were handled fairly easily. I think even a close win over the Irish will be enough for voters and probably for the computers. Next up: Notre Dame.
Tier 2--The Contenders
  1. Florida 10-1--A win in Tallahassee isn't going to be too impressive this season. The Gators due need to win solidly in each of their last two games. And 11-1 still might not be enough. I do think the SEC champion should get the nod over Michigan. Next up: at Florida State.
  2. Michigan 11-1--Unfortunately, the two best teams in the country this year came from the same conference. They played once which is probably enough. Michigan sits uncomfortably at #2 in the current BCS standings, but don't have any more games to impress the voters. Wolverine fans should be pulling hard for Notre Dame while constantly reminding the media of the 47-21 ass whooping they put on the Irish in South Bend. Michigan may also need an LSU victory followed by an Arkansas victory.
Tier 3--Need Help
  1. Arkansas 10-1--At this point in the season LSU is probably the third best team in the SEC. A win over the Tigers will complete an undefeated conference season and offers the Hogs a major opportunity to impress the voters. To have any shot though, USC must lose a second game. Next up: LSU.
  2. Notre Dame 10-1--Even with a victory in LA, how can anyone rank the Irish ahead of Michigan? They shouldn't but some might. USC vs. Notre Dame: the thought of cheering for either team is sickening. Next up: at USC.