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Morning Coffee: Aggie Edition

One of the firmest policies of this site is: credit where credit is due. To that end, we point you to this awesome thread on TexAgs, in which the Agro-Americans play Longhorn Look-a-like. Great stuff.

Two can play that game, of course. And I'll throw out the first one as a warm up:


Ben Bitner as Doc Holliday

Let the record also show that the Aggies employ white cornerbacks, a practice usually reserved for Division III schools. Whoop!

John Lopez likes what our own BrooklynHorn had to say about the A&M game.

Speaking of TexAgs and John Lopez, Aggie fans react to the BON Email Exchange with the Houston Chronicle columnist. For the most part, measured agreement.

Need to stock up your Aggie joke arsenal before Thanksgiving? Done.

The football team may not ever win another national title, but the Agros aren't settling for second in other areas. Another outstanding performance from the meat judgers.

"I'll take Beef Tri-Tip for $400, Alex."