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Advantage: Ohio State?

Something just occurred to me as I was thinking about who might get to play Ohio State for the national championship. Buckeye fans, knowing their team's bowl destination since Saturday evening, will have had a fourteen day head start on locking up tickets to the national title game. Ohio State's opponent, after all, will not be set for certain until (at the earliest) Saturday, December 2nd.

That's far different from last season, even, when Texas and USC fans began planning their trips well in advance, as they both knew that they'd be in the title game if they won out. Further, both teams had to win on December 3rd to secure that spot. And, of course, the Rose Bowl is in Los Angeles.

This season, fans of Florida, USC, Arkansas, and Michigan will have to sit and wait as more football plays out. Not so for Ohio State. Many Buckeye fans have already bought their national title game tickets. Many more are working on securing them right now. We know that each participating university will have an alottment of tickets to the game, but there are many, many more that are held by the public at large. Will a vast majority of those wind up being sold to Ohio State fans?

Is there a chance that the BCS Title Game looks something like this?

Just something to think about...