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Road to Glendale, Nov. 26th Final Edition

We have finally reached the final week of the college football regular season. BCS haters will point to the possibility of having three or four (throw in Louisville) one-loss teams with arguments for a spot in the title game. BCS lovers will say that Louisville is only 1-1 against quality teams, Michigan already got their shot, and Florida hasn't been impressive enough on offense to deserve a shot. No matter which category you fall in, all can agree there is clear cut #1 but a much cloudier picture when trying to decipher who is #2. Thankfully we have the computers and pollsters to clear it all up for us.

With just a handful of regular season and conference championship games remaining there are only four possible national champions.

Tier 1--The Favorites

  1. Ohio State 12-0--Troy Smith will pick up his Heisman in two weeks. Then the Buckeyes will enjoy Christmas. Then a few more weeks of practice and finally the game. At least we know there isn't enough time for a playoff in the current college football calendar. Next up: 6 weeks off.
  2. USC 10-1--The Trojans easily dismissed the outmatched and overrated Irish in front of national TV audience. USC will return to the Rose Bowl this Saturday with a trip to their third straight BCS national title game on the line.  Next up: at UCLA.
Tier 2--The Contenders

  1. Florida 11-1--The Gators racked up another W in Tallahassee. Their often ugly wins may end up costing them a trip to Glendale. Both USC and Michigan were much more dominant against inferior competition throughout the season. Gator fans shouldn't be too disappointed though. Win or lose this weekend, the Urban Meyer era is off to an impressive start.  Next up: SEC Championship vs. Arkansas in Atlanta.
  2. Michigan 11-1--The home for the holidays Wolverines still need two games to fall their way to be assured of a rematch. LSU helped this past Saturday by knocking off Arkansas. Now, Michigan definitely needs a Bruin victory over USC and maybe an Arkansas win the SEC title game as well. They may be able to win a beauty contest with the Gators but a lot of people are wholeheartedly against a rematch. Next up: cheering for Karl Dorrell.