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Around the Big XII 11-24/25

Depression:  The inevitable result of living vicariously through your favorite football team, scheduled to sink in just minutes after your team's second straight loss.

Yet we must soldier on.  This is what else happened in the Big XII this weekend.

Nebraska 37 - Colorado 14

Nebraska cashed in on 4 trick plays, including a TD pass to a Defensive End to beat bottom-dweller Colorado.  On to KC for the Huskers, and on to next season for the Buffaloes.

Missouri 42 - Kansas 17

Chase Daniel threw for a career-best 356 yards and 4 TDs as Missouri beat Kansas for the first time in 4 meetings.  Big Stat:  Missouri 9-17 on third down, Kansas 1-9.  How can you win when you only convert one third down the whole game?  I can't believe they scored 17.  With this loss Kansas sinks to 6-6 and hopes against hope that there's a conference that doesn't fulfill its bowl tie-ins, lest they be left home despite being eligible.

Oklahoma 27 - Oklahoma State 21

You couldn't come through for us just once Gundy?  Oklahoma wins and takes their rambling redneck show to Kansas City.  As I watched the end of this game with PB and AW, were very curious as to why backup quarterback, Zac Robinson, led both of the last two Cowboy drives, each of which could have given OSU the lead.  Mike Gundy explained:

It was a strategic move...
We have game plans, and our game plan was to stick with what we had prior to the game no matter how the game was going because, in our opinion, teams prior to this had tried to change their plans against them during the game and it just snowballed on them.

This is all well and good coach, but don't you think maybe the best player you have on offense should be playing on the final drives of games?  I'm not, I'm not bitter.

Completely Jumbled, Absolute Guess of a Bowl Projection

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