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Dispatches: Talking Football With SMQ

The following is the first in what will be a series of back-and-forth dispatches between the venerable Sunday Morning Quarterback and I. The dispatches will be a running conversation that you're encouraged to participate in. Your comments, to be read diligently by each of us, promise to be an integral part of the conversation.

Let's just skip the coddled eggs tipped with black-truffle purée and the shrimp ceviche with carrot, orange and fennel that we were going to sit down for and get right into it, SMQ.

Here's what I want to start with: Michigan v. Florida v. USC. First, how should this properly be sorted out? The obvious answer is, "Duh, playoff!", but let's remain within the confines of the current system. How should a voter evaluate these teams against one another?

Second, why did all these voters who had Rematch Fever (Michigan-Ohio State strain) a week ago switch to USC all of the sudden? The Trojans re-exposed Notre Dame in Los Angeles, but that's the thing - they just did what Michigan did... in South Bend.

I'm not personally for a rematch, but if you were for one a week ago, it's hard to imagine why USC's game Saturday night would suddenly dissuade you. What's going on here?