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BON Samples New Horns Nike Wear

You'd be amazed how many people email us at BON, telling us about this or that amazing thing that they think our readers would enjoy. I almost always reply with the same response: "I'm sure our readers would like what you're pitching, too.  You should purchase an advertisement!" (Most folks, seeking a free lunch, never do.)

I got a far more interesting query a couple weeks back, though, from a representative of GCI Group, a firm that does marketing for Nike. I was pitched a new product of Nike, but it wasn't your average pitch, as this was a product that the Texas football players were actually using - Nike's Pro REV under layer line.

The long sleeved under layer shirt is a roughly 80-20% Polyester-Spandex fabric that has a snug fit, but plenty of flexibility for athletic maneuvering. I know this because GCI sent me a sample product to test out. I put on the shirt prior to playing Sunday football with a gang of friends.

The Nike Pro REV under layer line for Texas.

Needless to say, I got smoked when I played in the secondary...

In all seriousness, though, it was a terrific shirt to work out in. And it looks really, really cool. I got back in touch with the folks at GCI about possibly talking to the designer at Nike, since I'd been told that the designer worked closely with the University of Texas athletics department in designing the line. Todd Van Horne was nice enough to talk to me about how he went about designing the Texas line.

"We actually went to the Longhorn team and staff first," Van Horne told me. "This included discussions with the University of Texas Athletic Department, strength coaches, and players. Their input was extremely important, so we went to them for their personal insights."

When I asked him about what, specifically, he took from his visits with the Texas athletics department, he said that his tour of the Longhorns' facilities helped inspire the design.

"The burnt orange sleeve has a similar feel to the saddle leather in all the equipment rooms. We also wanted to bring the heritage of the T ring into our design. Texas has a real attitude of pride and Nike wanted to make sure this was represented in the designs."

"We wanted to celebrate and pay tribute to Texas' honored past as well as be optimistic about their future. The Longhorns have been and will continue to be a great football program."

Like I said at the beginning of this post, this is a sports news and analysis site. We don't venture into product reviews very often, but if you're going to ship me a free sample product and go out of your way to let me talk to the designer, well... you've got my attention. And I'm glad I got the chance to check this out for myself.

If you're a Texas Longhorn gear-hound like myself, and athletically inclined (unlike myself), keep your eye out for these items at retail stores, or online.  This one easily earns a BON endorsement.