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Morning Coffee

The Gator Bowl told the Florida Times-Union that it will select the 'Horns from the Big 12 if it does not select a Big East squad. It's not exactly clear that the Gator Bowl -will- select a Big 12 school, though - not in a year in which there are several attractive teams atop the Big East. Either Louisville or West Virginia should be available for selection by the Gator Bowl, depending on the outcome of the Rutgers-West Virginia game. The Gator Bowl may decide it can't pass up a Big East team in a year when there's more than one strong candidate to choose from.

Colt McCoy's father says his son will be ready to return by the bowl game. Hmm... I think I've had enough of Doctor Dad pronouncing his son ready. Not wanting my medical information from family members of the hurting players, I interviewed Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus and ESPN about Colt McCoy's pinched nerve injury. Expect to see what he had to say on that soon.

The All Big 12 teams are starting to roll out: Austin American Statesman / Official All Big 12. Among the official selections, five Longhorns on the first team: Justin Blalock, Kasey Studdard, Limas Sweed, Michael Griffin and Aaron Ross. I'm especially pleased to see Limas make the first team - well deserved. BON's own awardees are forthcoming.

Monday and Tuesday have come and gone... still no Mack Brown press conference. Gosh, can you remember the last time Mack didn't have a Monday press conference? You'd have to go all the way back to... well, right after the Kansas State loss. I understand that there's been a lot going on, what with Chizik leaving and all, but that's no reason to duck a press conference you hold every week, without fail, since forever.

A few notes on what I saw during last night's game: AW's right that Dexter Pittman's still got stamina issues. It's also clear that he's going to be absolutely critical to our chances this year. As Texas starts playing teams with deep, physical frontcourts, it's going to be imperative for Big Dex to be out there. It's going to take some time - no doubt - but if he can get up to 25 minutes a game by March, we'll be in much better shape. AW's also right about Durant; the guy is unbelievable. I've never seen a freshman at that level. Certainly not since Carmelo Anthony during his March Madness run. One thing 'Melo did in that incredible tournament run that Durant can work on is just back down opposing defenders into the low post, then using his superior talent and athleticism to score easily. Durant can, and I suspect will, do more of that as he develops.