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Your Help, Please: Blog Awards

Okay readers, I need your help.

Brian from MGoBlog and Joel from Rocky Top Talk are putting together the first ever College Football Blog Awards, presented by the BlogPoll. (Take a moment to read the introduction to how the awards will work.) Now, I know most of you don't read hundreds of blogs each day, like I do - hey, it's part of my job - and I wouldn't expect you to.

But. I do need some help. Putting together these awards is a two-step process.

1) Figure out what the categoires should be.
2) Name the categories.

And that's where I need your help. We need to put together a complete list of categories for blogs to be nominated in - ranging from "Best Blog" to "Funniest Blog" to "Best Writing" and so on. We also need creative names for these things. Because we're bloggers. We're cutsie like that.

Anyway, y'all are often far more creative and imaginative than we are, which means your input is pretty crucial here. Below you'll find a list of categories - some with proposed cutsie names, some without. Your task is to fill in the blanks with categories you think of that ought to be in there, as well as to throw out proposed clever names for these things. One note before we dive in: these awards are all going to be positive awards, so you can go ahead and withhold that "Chevy Chase Memorial 'Your Blog Was So Good At The Beginning But Now You Suck' Award" that you were going to propose.

Proposed Blog Awards
Proposed Category Proposed Name
Best Blog, Overall The Burnt Orange Nation Award In Excellence (Okay, kidding. Any suggestions?)
Funniest Blog ???? (I'm not that funny.)
Best Writing The "You'd Never Get Hired By CBS Sportsline" Award
Best Invective Writer The "Damn, You Should Have Gone Into Hip Hop" Award
Best Analysis The "Baseball Prospectus" Award (Too obscure, I know. Help?)
Most Thought Provoking The "Malcolm Gladwell" Award
Best Site Design ????
Best Blog Network ????
Best "Mid-Major Blog" From my own awards last year: The "Your Team Sucks, But Your Blog Doesn't" Award
Best Watchdog Blog The Award
Best Team Blog ????
Best General CFB Blog ????

Okay, readers. Help me out. This is just a starting point. What other categories need to be included? And, for God's sake, help me out with some creative names. Much appreciated.

One final note, readers: these awards are going to be open to any blog that covers college football - not just members of the BlogPoll. It'd be nice if we could come up with an award category that we could nominate 54b for. His weekly game summaries are among the best reads anywhere, week in, week out.