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Lightning Quick Preview: Missouri/Nebraska

Both of these teams are coming off losses, but this game will still most likely determine the Big XII North champion.

The Rundown

Nebraska is coming off two straight losses, but they ran for 211 yards and Missouri's coming off a loss where they gave up 231 yards on the ground.  Missouri is going to have to muster some kind of run defense or they look to be royally screwed by Brandon Jackson and company.  Missouri on the other hand will have to get it done through the air.  Last week against Oklahoma the Tigers mustered only a single yard rushing from their running backs, though Chase Daniel ran for 75 yards.  Look for Missouri to try and take advantage of that same Junior college transfer playing corner back that gave up that long pass to Limas.

What do we Want

It would probably better if Missouri won this weekend and the rest of the regular season, so that we get an extra SOS bump instead of playing the same team twice, but the advantage is small.  Personally I'll be watching the gamecast simply with interest, not with a desired result.

That was a lightning fast preview