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Oklahoma State Prediction Thread

This is a pretty interesting game, all things considered. Saturday's matchup features two teams absolutely peaking on offense, while struggling a bit on defense. I don't think there's any question about which team has the better defense, but I also think that the Cowboys are playing sufficiently well on offense that we can't just take for granted that Texas will dominate this game.

I'm torn between how I think this game might play out. On the one hand, I think we're likely to see a few big plays for Oklahoma State that keep them in the thick of things in the early going. On the other hand, I feel like our defense is primed for a breakout game. The second half of the Tech game was a huge improvement from the first half obviously. Can Texas carry that positive momentum over to Saturday evening?

In my Pick Six selection, I called for a 38-27 Texas victory, but I think I'm going to revise that selection slightly. I think we'll see something between a great Texas defensive performance and a mediocre won. Something solid, but short of dominant. I still think Texas is going to put up points on offense. Longhorns win comfortably 38-21.

Your own game predictions in the comments below, please.