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Confirmed: Snead Leaving

It's taken a good number of phone calls, but I'm pretty sure that Jevan's leaving.  The news reports that we're seeing are correct. Jevan Snead will transfer - most likely at mid-term, pending Mack Brown's approval.

What does it mean for Texas?

In the short-term, it's a pretty big inconvenience. I've already stated that I'd prefer Colt McCoy be shut down for the rest of this season. The temptation to rush McCoy back now is greater, assuming Snead isn't an option to play in Texas' bowl game.

Staying with the short-term, if McCoy's not good to go (or if the staff wisely decides to play it safe), who can Texas turn to? You can forget burning Sherrod Harris' redshirt - that won't happen. Who does that leave? Texas either plays walk-on third stringer Matt McCoy or goes with Quan Cosby. Yes - flanker Quan Cosby.

Going with Cosby would make for great entertainment, but of course if I'm advocating shutting down McCoy out of a desire to see the 2007 team protected, it hardly makes sense to advocate starting Cosby behind center. I'm almost to the point of suggesting that Texas' decline its bowl invitation. Honestly, there's just nothing left to gain. No experience for Snead. Too much risk with McCoy's injury....

Decling the bowl invitation won't happen, obviously, so we'll have to discuss the best way to handle this, but I'm already petrified of sticking McCoy back in a game his pinched nerve isn't ready for.


Best of luck to Jevan Snead in his future endeavors.