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It's been one hell of an awful week for the burnt orange faithful. Let's recap how awful this week's been:

Friday: Texas drops its regular season finale to its in-state rival. At home. On senior day. Against a team that barely beat Army. Sweet.

Saturday: Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State to sneak into the Big 12 championship. With the win, Texas fans have to contemplate having defeated both of the Big 12 title game participants, but sitting on the outside looking in. Two games, two losses. Kansas State. Texas A&M. Barf.

Sunday: A brief moment of bittersweet reprise, as Vince Young scorches an opponent for 24 fourth quarter points. But he's playing for Tennessee these days, not Texas.

Monday: Defensive coordinator Gene Chizik is hired away from Texas to be the new head coach at Iowa State. Longhorn fans are left to wonder whether his departure a) had any effect on the team prior to the A&M game and b) may yet have some impact on the 2007 recruits.

Tuesday: 54b guides Longhorn fans through the 20 worst losses in Texas history.

Wednesday: Reports surface that Jevan Snead intends to transfer from Texas, leaving Texas in an awkward situation in the short term.

Thursday: John Dawson tells us about Steve Spurrier whispering sweet nothings in John Brantley's ear.

Friday: I'm not sure I'm going to get out of bed tomorrow.