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Late Night Notes

What a delightful Saturday.  Your game day notes, briefly:

Colt McCoy Sets TD Record

Colt McCoy threw three more touchdown passes, setting a Texas single season record with 27 on the year. For those just joining the party, Colt McCoy is a freshman. Just so we're clear on that.

Bob Stoops: Big 12 Coach Of The Year?

Oklahoma goes on the road and takes out Texas A&M. With the win, Oklahoma improves to 7-2. The Sooners have won four in a row, three straight after losing Peterson, and if not for the Oregon disaster, would be 8-1 with only a loss to Texas. Mack's running the better program, but Stoops deserves credit for pulling this team together. Lesser coaches could have, and would have, folded under these circumstances.

Anyone Wanna Play Texas?

Right now? No way. This was Texas' best game of the season. The Horns played a complete game: great on offense, great on defense. The only blemish was a special teams kick return touchdown. Other than that, it was total dominance. The offense was A-grade, and the defense put together their best game of the season. Very, very little to complain about.

With the win, Texas wins its 8th in a row, and 22nd straight in the Big 12 conference. Based on what we saw today, I'd say Texas is playing as well, or better, than any and every team in the country. We may not get to play in the BCS Title Game, but when it's all said and done, we may well be most deserving of a spot in the big game.


That's all for tonight's analysis; we'll have full reports starting tomorrow. Leave your thoughts on the above topics here. We'll pick up the positional reviews tomorrow.