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MaxwellPundit Award Ballot, Week 11

It's time for our weekly ballot in the MaxwellPundit Award, hosted by Rakes Of Mallow. Remember the ground rules: voters rank the top five players in the country, regardless of age, class, position, race, or sexual history (also known as the Michael Irvin Gonorrhea Rule).

1. Troy Smith / LaMarr Woodley, QB / DE, Ohio State / Michigan

Whoa! How very wacky of us. Actually, it's not even that original. Just count this as our way of saying that one of these two guys has a chance to prove everything everyone's said all season long right or wrong on November 18th. Winner takes all; including, it looks like, this award. Or, both could have quiet afternoons and not be a part of the story. And then what? I have no idea. The more we talk about it, the more it feels like this game can't possibly live up to the hype. It never does.

2. Aaron Ross, CB, Texas

This week's ballot is presented commercial free by Philips.

3. Ian Johnson, RB, Boise State

Not only the most statistically impressive tailback in the country, but some mid-major love, too. Johnson's got 20 touchdowns and an outstanding 6.82 yards per carry average. He probably ought to finish in the Heisman top five, but he won't; not with Boise State's lack of television coverage.

4. Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech

He's accumulated 11 touchdowns this season despite just hauling in 5.4 catches per game. Imagine this guy on Texas, or USC. He'd win the Heisman/Maxwell walking away.

5. Quarterbacks Named Colt

A nod to both Colts - Brennan and McCoy. They're 1-2 in passing efficiency right now, with completion perceptages of 72.9% and 69.1%, respectively. McCoy's been on an absolute tear since he threw a Pick Six against Tech, completing over 70% of his passes, with a 7-0 TD-INT ratio. Hook 'em.

Other Ballers That Deserve A Nod

Ray Rice, Patrick Willis, Steve Slaton, Mike Hart, Brady Quinn, Ted Ginn, Marshawn Lynch, Tim Crowder, Brian Brohm, Robert Meachem