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Around the Big XII 11-4

It was a big week in the Big XII as the champion in the North and runner-up in the South were all but determined.  To the games.

Nebraska 34 - Missouri 20

As in all their losses this year, Missouri gave up crucial turnovers, but, more than that, Nebraska dominated this game, such that, when Missouri scored to pull the Tigers within two TDs, it looked more like an act of desperation than a rally from behind.  Brandon Jackson ran for over 100 yards for the second week in a row and receiver Maurice Purify threw a TD to Terrence Nunn and caught another one.  The Huskers are in the Big XII title game in Kansas City if they win one of their last two games against A&M and Colorado.  Look forward to a rematch Texas fans, because Colorado's going down on November 24th.

Texas Tech 55 - Baylor 21

Tech thoroughly drubbed Tech lite here, but the Bears held in there early.  First time starter Blake Symanski tied the game up 7-7 with a 56 yard touchdown pass to Trent Shelton after taking over on downs on his own 44.  Symanski also ran for two 3-yard TDs, but that was all the Bears had.  On defense the Bears came out with stops early, but once Tech figured out the scheme the rout was on.  Shannon Woods ran for 125 yards and 3 TDs on just 10 carries, that's right 12.5 yards per carry, and Joel Filani caught 8 passes for 212 yards and 3 TDs, said Leach about Filani after the game, "Once he got stoked up, I think that was key."  I couldn't've put it better myself dude.  This win puts the Raiders in a bowl game.

Kansas 41 - Iowa State 10

At the end of the first quarter Iowa State had only 8 yards of total offense against the worst defense in the Big XII.  Iowa State ended up with just 3 meaningful points though comically named Ryan Kock had a 1 yard TD run in garbage time.  This game officially excluded Iowa State from a bowl this season and all but assured them the crown of biggest disappointment in the Big XII this year, not to be outdone by rival Iowa, which seems to be in a close race with Penn State for most disappointing in the Big 10.  After this win, Kansas has an opportunity to go to 2 consecutive bowls games for the first time ever, if they can win one of their last two against Kansas State and Missouri.

Kansas State 34 - Colorado 21

Under first year coach, Ron Prince, the Wildcats have won their first conference road game in two years and are going to a bowl game.  Colorado made it a little too close for comfort with quarterback Bernard Jackson running for a 62 yard touchdown, the longest run by a Colorado quarterback since 1989. Congratulations to Kansas State, hopefully they're on their way to a return to national prominence a few years down the road, but, for now, enjoy your bowl 'Cats, enjoy your bowl.

Oklahoma 17 - Texas A&M 16

And Fran is still winless against Texas, Oklahoma, and Tech, mainly because he makes foolish decisions in big games like kicking a field goal when he's four points down and there's only 3 minutes left on the clock.  It's fair to blame the clock rules, but one must at least adapt to them.  The Sooners continued their mind boggling strategy of pretending like Adrian Peterson is still handing off to the running backs 39 times while Paul Thompson went 3 of 12 for only 39 yards.  It's kind of like Texas, we lost the best quarterback ever to play in college football and now we're throwing more.  The Sooners lost a very good running back of heisman ability and now are running more.  I can't even begin to comprehend it.  This loss for the Aggies means that the Horns can clinch the Big XII South this coming Saturday in Manhattan.

Bowl Eligible Teams (7)

Texas, Oklahoma, A&M, Tech, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas State

Still in the Running (3)

Oklahoma State (5-4), Kansas (5-5), Baylor (4-6)

Our quota is 8 so if OSU beats Baylor next weekend we've met it, but Kansas is still in the running if they can knock off Kansas State or Missouri, so where would the extra one go?  We'll find out.

Tentative Bowl Projections

BCS        Texas
Cotton        Oklahoma
Holiday        A&M/Nebraska winner
Alamo        A&M/Nebraska loser
Sun        Missouri
Insight        Texas Tech
Independence    Oklahoma State
Texas        Kansas State