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Kansas State D by the Numbers

Yesterday we looked at the Wildcats' offensive numbers.  Let's look now at their defensive stats.

Rush D:  The Cats are 56th in the nation and 8th in the Big XII in rush D, giving up 133.1 ypg and 3.75 ypc, but those stats are a bit padded by games with Illinois State, Florida Atlantic, Marshall, and Baylor.  The Cats gave up 228 yards on the ground to post-Bush Louisville, 193 to Oklahoma State in a win, 190 to Nebraska, 171 to Missouri, and 225 to Colorado in their win last weekend.  In losses they average about 150 ypg and 4.3 ypc.  I know we all love Colt, but this should just be another opportunity to try to get the run game on track and take some pressure off of him.

Pass D:  The Cats rank 54th in the nation and 5th in the Big XII in pass defense, giving up 194.4 ypg and 10.8 yards a catch.  These stats are more evenly spread over their opponents with Baylor predictably throwing for almost 300 yards on 47 attempts, but a glaring stat is the 253 yards and three TDs through the air given up to Illinois State.  It will only get worse this weekend.

This has been By the Numbers.