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The Crap At The Top Of The Screen

Um, yeah, so there's some new advertising on the site. If you're a reader of other SBN sites, you'll notice that it's network-wide.

First, in an ideal world, we wouldn't have them up on our site. It's obviously not something that you'd volunteer to have at the top of your page.

Still, Sports Blog Nation, the umbrella network under which this blog sits, is a for-profit entity. And a great place for us to blog.  They cover bloggers' hosting costs, and so forth, and that costs them money. And SB Nation has to recover those costs somehow.

So, yeah, some ads. It's not the end of the world. We'll all get used to 'em.

We do hope that you'll continue to visit and read Burnt Orange Nation with the loyalty that you have thus far. The community gets stronger by the day, and we hope a few ugly ads wouldn't get in the way of that. One last thing to keep in mind: the sites will eventually be undergoing an impressive redesign that will make the site even cooler for the writers and readers to interact and build community. In the redesign, I can assure you that any and all advertising will be much more integrated into the site design.

Thanks for your patience and loyalty guys. We hope that you'll understand that we put in a whole lot of work to bring you all the content of this site, and make very little money.

We do this because we love it, and love the community that's been built up here.

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