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Election Results are in...College Football Completely Unaffected

Apparently there was an election yesterday that will by no means be talked about on this blog.  Apparently some people at Harvard waited up till 3 in the morning waiting for results.  I was not among them.  Don't get me wrong, I was up till 3, but I was playing video games and, at the same time, pondering the ramifications of the Kansas State game which will be televised everywhere in the nation except where I live, as we will inevitably get the Wake Forest/FSU game because of the ACC connection.  Here're my thoughts:

Night Game

Don't worry there will be no talk of curses.  I just wanted to point out that this will be our third night game in three weeks and our fourth in five.  Many experts say it's hard to settle in for a night game after waiting for an unusually long time to play.  I would venture to say that we're accustomed by now for them, but my thoughts turn to the A&M game, which, as is tradition, is a day game.  I worry that the team will be so accustomed to night games that they may have trouble adapting back to a midday game.  Just a thought

Louisville Transitivity

As is noted in one of the diaries, Louisville beat Kansas State earlier in the year 27-6.  Some see this as an opportunity to prove our worth over Louisville by comparison, which it should be, but I think it may be a lose-lose situation, because most pundits, if asked to comment on the comparison, will mention that the Kansas State game was Hunter Cantwell's first start of the season and that, with Brian Brohm back, the Louisville machine is better oiled now.  I believe this will be unfair, as Cantwell seemed more than capable of running Louisville's throw-crazy offense the game before when he came in against Miami and every game he played afterwards, but "pundits" will say it anyway.

This has been a generally foreboding rant about this weekend's game and went in a direction not indicated at all in the title.