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Another Playoff Endorsement. Sort of.

The (occasionally) venerable Bob Stoops is winning the heart and mind of at least one Longhorn fan. Well, maybe. I'm not sure. 'Cause he's not sure. About what? About whether or not he's for or against a playoff system. From

"I didn't call for a playoff system, so don't go putting, 'Oh, Bob Stoops, he's complaining about the system,'" Stoops said. "I brought up some issues that are worth discussing. So don't even go there.

"I'm not in favor of a playoff. I might be by the end of the year, I don't know. All I said is it's worth discussing. I gave some people coffee talk," he said.

So he's thinking about it. Maybe.

What's most interesting is why he's coming around to the idea of a playoff:

Stoops said he expected fewer teams to risk playing tough nonconference games because they're still punished for a loss, no matter the opponent.

"That's where the need for a playoff shows up in those areas. Why should we play Miami next year in the end, or why should they come here to play? Just play four really easy nonconference games," Stoops said.

This is apparently in line with what Mack Brown and Wells think Texas ought to do: avoid tough non-con games. I think that's debatable, but there's no question that under a playoff system, the disincentive to schedule tough games would lessen dramatically.

Add that to the growing number of reasons to have a college football playoff. I often hear folks that don't want a playoff talk about the "season long playoff." Well, Bob Stoops is right. The disincentive to schedule competitive nonconference teams is hurting the quality of these seasons. As far as I'm concerned, tally that one in the "not good for the sport" category.