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Morning Coffee

Texas had better hope that human voters in the BCS don't start to get the cold feet that several bloggers are. Both Sunday Morning Quarterback and Brian @ MGoBlog list Texas as their "most overrated" team - in each case, as compared with similarly resumed Notre Dame. Each statement is a de facto endorsement of a resume ranking methodology. I'll be watching their BlogPoll ballots closely for consistency.

Chip Brown with his always excellent news and notes.

Don't forget, Horns fans: Texas can clinch the Big 12 South Division on Saturday with a win.

The moron who has tried to ruin our lives by spearheading the anti-gambling legislation was defeated in election last night. Karma, bitches.

Mack Brown says that freshmen shouldn't be up for the Heisman Trophy. Dennis Dodd says Mack Brown should be lobbying for a Colt McCoy trip to New York. And College Football Resource just can't get over his Texas angst, crying in in his pundit roundup post that: "Brown is always lobbying. This is just hilarious and ironic on a million different levels."  

Really? It never ceases to amaze me that so many people find fault in Mack Brown for speaking on his players' and teams' behalf. And, now, even more amazing, that they still find fault when he doesn't. What gives?

Amazingly, ABC Sports' only two 7:00 games this Saturday night are Wake Forest-Florida State and Texas-Kansas State. That's great news for Texas - assuming they play well - as they'll have another chance to showcase themselves for a large national audience. Of course, it's a double-edged sword. With so many worthy teams near the top of the rankings, if Texas lays an egg, it could be big time trouble with human voters.

Lastly, before I go, I wanted to send a special thank you to Brook Syers from the Longhorns Illustrated blog for his generosity last Saturday. Brook and his wife Julie presented BON with a beautiful hand-painted Texas art piece on canvas. Brook, Julie - it's already hanging on my wall. Many thanks.