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Morning Coffee

The Statesman reports that Jevan Snead has yet to "fill out his paperwork" that would allow him to be released from his scholarship. The report does indicate that Snead is still likely to transfer, though. The timing of this whole story is way off, which makes it a bit confusing. Even if Snead intends to transfer, the fact that it got leaked when it did is a bit odd. If anything, this is Jevan's time on the team. I wonder whether there's more to this story than meets the eye.

Lots of juicy stuff on the rumor mill - as always - but the most intriguing name I'm hearing associated with the now-vacant Texas DC position is John Tenuta of Georgia Tech. Most folks that follow the Yellow Jackets closely think he's far and away their best assistant. Nothing official, of course. Just another name to keep an eye on.

The Mack Brown press conference watch enters its seventh day. Not an official peep from the coach since Texas got sacked by the Aggies. And yet, so much news. Mack? A moment of your time, please?

Gonzaga took care of Portland State 69-51 in its final game before Saturday's clash with Texas. Should be an exciting early season test for the 'Horns. The game is at 2:00 on Saturday in Phoenix.