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Titans-Texans Open GameDay Thread

The only reason for PB to watch the Texans.
Vince is home...

The King returns and I'm one of the three (read: thirty thousand) wise men flocking to adore him.

There will be a separate open thread for the Texas-LSU hoops game; this thread will be exclusively for your Titans-Texans game day comments. Whether you're a diehard Texans fan, a Bud Adams hater, or just a pure Vince Young disciple, this is your thread for today's game.


Look for me at Reliant in my "I Heart VY" t-shirt, cheering loudly for our hero, with no stake in the game other than wanting to see Vince succeed. For my Houston Texans fans readers: it's nothing against you or your team. To be honest, I wanted to be a Texans fan. But Vince is in Tennessee.

And so is my heart.

All your game day comments here.