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Your Attention (And Patience) Please: Inaugural Award Season's Here

Writing this blog is a lot of fun. It's fun both in terms of all the research and writing, as well as the opportunity to interact with you, the readers. I don't think there's a college blog around that can honestly claim to have as vibrant a community as we do here.

Writing and maintaing this blog is also a lot of work. Like, a second full time job. A fun job - absolutely - but 40+ hours a week, no doubt. We do make a little bit of money from the site - a nice little extra bump in cash from advertisement sales and some syndication fees. Mostly, though, we do it for fun. The site doesn't generate nearly enough revenue to, say, do this exclusively.

And that's fine. We run this site because we love talking Texas sports.

With that said, us college football bloggers are putting together the first ever College Football Blog Awards. I understand that most other blogs are of little or no interest to a good number of you, and I won't ask you to suddenly start reading hundreds of new blogs each day. That's my job, and it's one I enjoy. And you all know well by now that if there's something out there I think you oughtta be reading, I'll make a note in the Morning Coffee.

But, as we spend the next few weeks getting through the nomination and awarding of the CFB Blog Awards, I will ask that you patiently engage us throughout the process, participate when and where you feel inclined, and be as supportive as you generally can be.

We realize that we bloggers talk rather incestuously to one another at times; please just consider this the small price you have to pay to get the rest of the team-centric content that we labor to produce. As a reader, a CFB Blog Award may not mean much of anything to you. To us, though, this is a chance for us to recognize the outstanding work of the other members of our community and to reccommend their outstanding work to the public at large.

So humor us throughout this process, click through the links that we offer, and please, if you feel inclined, participate. There's so much great writing on college football out there, and these authors are doing it more or less for free. This is our chance to offer a nice payment for their efforts.

The CFB Blog Awards format is laid out at Rocky Top Talk here. Take a minute to read through the nomination and award presentation procedures. Then hang tight while we roll out BON's nominations throughout the rest of this week and next. We've got two weeks to get all our nominations in, so we'll spread 'em out so as not to bombard you with too much at once.

Lastly, thanks, one more time, for making this the best community of readers in the college football blogosphere. If Burnt Orange Nation wins the award for 'Best Community,' it certainly won't be an upset.