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College Football Blog Award Nominees: The Old Faithful Award

Burnt Orange Nation is beginning to select its nominations for the first annual College Football BLog Awards. BON's nominees for each award will be laid out in a separate post.

Readers note: nominating blogs is open to everyone.  To nominate blogs for any of the categories, simply go to the Nomination Page and nominate blogs of your choice.

CATEGORY: The Old Faithful Award

FOR: Best recurring feature of the year.

CRITERIA: The feature should be posted weekly and be generally good and stuff.


Kristin Davis Of Kyle's twelve stories currently running on the front page of Dawg Sports, three contain pictures of Kristin Davis. It never ceases to amaze me that Kyle finds so many different pictures of Kristin Davis to post, and I'm never disappointed. Not once. Even if you foolishly didn't read Dawg Sports' content, or dumbfoundingly didn't enjoy Kyle's content, you'd still have a great reason to visit the site. Now that's a good feature.

Unverified Voracity Whoops, I nominated Brian again. I swear to you I'm not on his payroll. Swear. Anyway, UV is pretty much a daily - not weekly - feature, but it's the best of the best. Since, in the sake of diversity, I'm not going to nominate Brian for the Keith Jackson writing award, let me take this opportunity to praise Brian's writing, which is sublime. That's the really amazing thing about Brian: he's, like, a computer science guy, but he's all literate and stuff. And wickedly expressive. And as a huge fan of invective bashing, too, I always get giddy when I see Brian winding up to drop the hammer on someone.

GameDay Recap LD is the ultimate trooper. He records, watches, and annotates every single ESPN College Game Day. And then blogs it. This, my friends, takes some serious patience. I gotta give it to LD, though - through thick and thin, real life problems or no - he always comes through with the GameDay recap. And as someone that's either too sleepy, hungover, or impatient to watch the show, I count on it to keep tabs on what the war drummers are beating. There are lots and lots of worthy nominees for this category, but I'm pretty sure I know where my vote is going.