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Afternoon Tea

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Lots of good playoff posting around today. First, Corn Nation gets some official answers on the NCAA's official involvement in postseason football play. Bottom line? It all comes down to the university presidents. Meanwhile, Brian lays out a very, very interesting playoff proposal. Read the whole thing.

Vince Young's not the only rookie off to a strong start in the NFL. USC star Matt Leinart is quietly doing a fine job for the Arizona Cardinals - most recently helping the Cardinals beat Seattle 27-21. With Leinart's solid start, the 2006 NFL draft is looking more and more like a series of big mistakes. We've already covered how badly Houston messed up by not taking Vince, but what about all the teams that desperately need a quarterback and let Leinart fall all the way to #10? With the receivers Leinart's got in Phoenix, there's no question he can put up some big time numbers quickly if he continues to develop.

The Texas Athletic Department wants to remind you that the North End Zone expansion project means new 2008 season tickets are available for donors of $2,000 and more. Sorry, fans: this isn't available for 2007. You'll have to find your way into the Arkansas State game by some other means.