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Morning Coffee

The Sporting News tabbed Colt McCoy as its national freshman of the year, joining offensive tackle Adam Ulatoski in the TSN First Team Freshman All-America team. Speaking of McCoy, why are we still getting injury updates from Brad McCoy, father of the young man? I'm still nervous as all get up about this injury situation, but the closer we get to the game, the more sure I am that Mack's going to put Colt out there. Scary.

The recruiting sites are buzzing with fear that John Brantley may be wavering on his commitment. Frankly, this Brantley paranoia is probably here to stay until signing day. The recruiting honchos say Florida is making a hard push for Brantley, but until Brantley comes out and says something, this is all just standard teeth gnashing. Again, we're not going to get worked up over it. If Brantley comes, we're thrilled. Really thrilled. If not? We'll be just fine sorting through Colt, John Chiles, and Sherrod Harris.

Adrian Peterson is going to play in the Fiesta Bowl. My first thought was that he was doing something sort of admirable - wanting to play one more time in the crimson and cream. I wonder, though, whether AP thinks his draft stock - which has been dinged by his injury - could get a boost from him playing in this game. I haven't any idea, but it's an interesting decision.

Poor, poor Rutgers: It was bad enough that the Scarlet Knights got relegated to the Texas Bowl to play Kansas State, but the ultimate indignity is that no one in New Jersey may see the game. That's because none of the major cable providers in the New Jersey carry the NFL Network, which has exclusive broadcasting rights to the game.

I'm out for a couple of hours while I tend to some personal affairs. I got an email notifying me that a Rwandan emperor wants to pay me $5 million to help him with a wire transfer. I've always been lucky like that.