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College Football Blog Award Nominees: Funniest Blog

Burnt Orange Nation is beginning to select its nominations for the first annual College Football BLog Awards. BON's nominees for each award will be laid out in a separate post.

Readers note: nominating blogs is open to everyone.  To nominate blogs for any of the categories, simply go to the Nomination Page and nominate blogs of your choice.

CATEGORY: The Trev Alberts Quits To Do Construction Award

FOR: Comic relief; overall hilarity.

CRITERIA: The funniest college football blog.


EDSBS Duh, right? If not for our other nominees, this would be a one-horse race. Orson's a funny, funny man. No real need to elaborate at this point. Y'all know.

The M Zone Photoshopping. Faux news. Cheerleader championship series. It's all here, every morning, and always funny.

54b Blog 54b insists his site is not a blog - more of a series of game summaries. Not buying it. A blog is simply a publishing platform. And said game summaries happen to sit on It's a blog. I needn't tell y'all how funny 54b can be. His contributions to this site have been unbelievably great (*What kind of Longhorn fan are you? *12 Steps To Getting Through The Offseason *Beyond the 12th Man) And the same hilarity and razor sharp comic writing that he brings here is present in each and every game summary. Seriously, if you've not wasted an entire day of work reading through the 54bBlog archives, do it sometime. You'll be a better man for it.