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Morning Coffee

We've done more than our fair share of Vince worshiping over the last few weeks, but he's not the only former 'Horn having a solid pro season. Phil Dawson, Derrick Johnson, Quentin Jammer, Michael Huff, Roy Williams, Cory Redding, Cedric Griffin, Casey Hampton, and Cedric Benson are all having fine seasons as professionals. (Week 13 NFL stats here.)

People who hate playoffs hate America. And puppies. So says Carolina March, anyway. Check it out.

Frequent BON reader and occasional commenter Ryan has started a Longhorns hoops blog. Check out Longhorn Road Trip for some interesting takes on the 'Horns.

Lastly, I'm participating in "VY Week" over at Music City Miracles, SBN's Tennessee Titans blog, answering Jimmy's questions on VY and watching with pride as Nashvillians fall in love just like we did. Fun times.