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Morning Coffee

Chief's got a diary up about it. The Statesman is leading the sports page with it. From all indications, if Colt isn't able to play for the Alamo Bowl, we won't get our wish to see Quan Cosby behind center - it'll be Matt McCoy. What's troubling in these stories, though, is the premature speculating from the coaches. Said Greg Davis, "We feel confident Colt is going to play. The way he practiced (Wednesday), all indications are he'll play."

Why come out and say something like that before the doctors have, you know, actually cleared him to play? The pressure is now on both Colt and the doctors to actually get him on the field. The better message from Belmont would have been the safe one: "Colt has not yet been cleared to play by the doctors. Until that happens, we won't assume he's playing."

What we're getting instead is, in my mind, all but a confirmation that Colt will play. With Mack Brown chirping incessantly about how "important" this Alamo Bowl win is, it appears Texas is going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at beating Iowa. We've been debating how important this game is here at BON, but at least one outsider - the folks at M Zone - think losing's not such a bad thing. Last year's Alamo Bowl loss helped this year's Michigan team, they say.

How about this odd nugget from the Statesman notebook: Aaron Ross has gained 12 pounds since Thanksgiving. "I'll lose the weight," he says. Mkay.

Mel Kiper ranks Selvin Young as the #6 running back in this year's draft. I'm not obsessed with draft speculation, but I find this a little bit surprising. I'm not sure why I never considered Selvin as much of a pro prospect, but perhaps I should have.

The latest installment of my VY commentary is up at Music City Miracles.