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John Brantley's Headed To Florida (Maybe)

I like to think I'm pretty good at reading between the lines. Between my three years in Washington D.C. and everything else, I've got a pretty good handle on when things aren't quite what they seem.

And I'm telling you right now: don't be surprised if John Brantley heads to Florida.

I know, I know - blasphemy. GoHorns, PHF, and many others have made compelling cases for why Brantley will head to the 40 Acres. I appreciate each of those sentiments, and if Brantley does come, it'll hardly be an upset.

But the quotes we're getting from the Brantley clan are starting to change. Just a month or two ago, the talking points were all the same, "I'm solid on Texas. There's been no change. I'm excited to come to Austin." That kind of thing.

Now? Papa Brantley's singing an entirely different song:

"There's not a lot to talk about right now," said Mr. Brantley. "The only thing that's been brought up is the question about distance. I don't know how serious that is right now but when he gets back we're going to sit down and talk about it. If that's a problem we need to talk about it. We just want to make sure he's doing the right thing."


"We still feel good about everything but Johnny has brought up a little bit the distance and that's what's got everybody thinking," he said. "When he gets back, we're going to make him sit down and tell us if that's a problem. If it is, everyone needs to know.

"But I don't even think there's a situation. If there is, if it comes to a decision or a change, it will be done as soon as possible. That's just the philosophy of our family. We try to be ethical people and we're going to do what's right. If distance is a problem and Johnny decides something else, it will be done right away. I can guarantee it. We wont' let time pass because Texas has obligations to do things and Johnny has obligations. We've been by the book with this whole process and we're not going to change now."

My internal translator reads: "Johnny's about to de-commit from Texas and go to Florida. These quotes are the precursor to that. He'll be citing 'distance' as his official reason for switching."

Lest we start gnashing our teeth needlessly, let's keep things in perspective.

  1. I could be wrong.
  2. John. Chiles.
I'm sure Brantley's a dandy of a quarterback, but Texas' hopes do not, in any way, shape, or form, rest with his coming to Texas. We very nearly ran our non-Ohio State schedule with 2A small name Colt McCoy. We'll be fine.

Still, I'm curious: is anyone else starting to think that the Brantley commitment to Texas is headed for a switch?

Update [2006-12-20 18:48:20 by HornsFan]: It's official: Brantley decommits from Texas, is now headed to Florida. Confirmed Wednesday afternoon.