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Time Magazine Honors Burnt Orange Nation

Time: loving the BON.
Some call it an upset. We call it Damned Right, Bitches.

Yes, Time Magazine has hailed Burnt Orange Nation as its "Person Of The Year" for 2006.

Don't believe us? Check the copy yourself. In wondering how BON came to Time's attention, we had to do some extensive chain linking. We're pretty sure - not positve - that it was an old science teacher of ours, a regular reader of the site. She has a cousin who's father in law lives next door to the executive editor of the news section at Time. Clearly, one thing led to another, he became a BON'er, the decision was made ("These guys own!"), and the rest is history.

In any case, it's delightful to be recognized for our efforts. Here we are, slaving away to nominate everyone else for all these awards, and Time Freaking Magazine is about to go to press to recognize us.

Justice. Is. Served.

In lieu of flowers, just send us cash.

You know the drill.