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College Football Blog Award Nominees: Watchdog Award

Burnt Orange Nation is beginning to solicit nominations for the first annual College Football BlogAwards. BON's nominees for each award will be laid out in a separate post. Your own suggestions and commentary on the nominees or awards are encouraged.


FOR: The blog best keeping tabs on the man and calling out all of the injustices in the college football world.

CRITERIA: Consistently ahead-of-the-curve on controversial issues in college football.


The Wizard Of Odds This is a one man race, really, as the Wiz is simply without peer in this regard. Reporters Notebooks, Columnists Corner, live odds, tracking expert predictions, clock rule fallout - the list is virtually endless. I'd wager there are dozens of us that count on the Wiz for our first stop each morning.

Mark May Be Wrong

It's been delightfully fun to ride along with MMBW as they track the expert predictions each week, including the one of a kind "Suck O Meter," my personal favorite.

Braves and Birds

Calling out the MSM isn't really Michael's big thing, really, but when he does, he's profoundly insightful. Ivan Maisel and Gary Danielson have each been socked pretty hard in the mouth in various B&B postings. Anyway, I wanted a chance to throw a shout out to Braves and Birds, which is astoundingly interesting even for someone like me that doesn't have a rooting interest in the Hawks, Braves, Bulldogs, Wolverines, or proper football. Michael's insights on the tougher issues in sports in general, really, are what inspired me to nominate him here.