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Morning Coffee

Let's start with the football team, where, with less than two weeks until bowl time, the coaches are starting to talk to the media. Yesterday, we got Duane Akina, who may or may not be auditioning for the full time DC gig. Today Greg Davis answers a few questions, commenting on the lackluster running game, Matt McCoy, and Iowa as being better than their record indicates. On the last point, I tend to agree. This is a solid football team, and makes for a pretty interesting bowl matchup.

Nike is positioning itself to maintain exclusive rights to Ohio State jersey and merchandise sales, a move other schools - including Texas - are considering. The University of Georgia already has signed such a deal. Something to keep an eye on, especially if your business includes UT merchandising.

Don't forget: bowl season starts today (Poinsettia Bowl), which means you can place your first wager in the Black Shoe Diaries betting game. Mike's set up a really cool format; I urge you to participate. Should be a lot of fun.

SMQ is back doing what he does best, bringing back the "Stat Relevance Watch." Analysis hungry readers are strongly urged to dive in.