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Morning Coffee

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Just as I was starting to get over the numbness, 54b forced himself to deslumber long enough to write his thoughts on the A&M game. Warning: may cause severe depression.

PHF gets you warmed up for tonight's tussle with the Razorbacks at the Erwin Center. Official BON game preview later today.

My first wager in the BSD bowl betting game was a hit - TCU beat Northern Illinois 37-7, under 47. I wagered $1500, putting my total at $11,500 heading into tomorrow's Las Vegas Bowl, one of the season's more interesting minor bowls.

I interviewed Andrew Logue of the Des Moines Register about Texas' bowl opponent, the Iowa Hawkeyes. Expect to see that up later this morning.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people get to this site. Yesterday brought two people to BON from some rather unlikely search strings: First, a visitor got here by asking "How many eighths are in a pound of weed?" I probably shouldn't be surprised that a diary on Ramonce Taylor was your #3 search result. Then last night, a visitor got to BON searching for 'steps to make freebase'. BON? #1 on Google for that search, natch. Appropriately, 54b's 12 Steps To Make It Through The Offseason piece. We may all need to do a little freebasing if we can't get by Iowa.