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Morning Coffee

Mack's back to chatting with reporters. It's nice hearing him say how amped up he is about the Alamo Bowl and all, but we never really got any answers about the Texas A&M game. Which, I suppose, was the strategy all along. Wait for the news cycle to turn.

Orangebloods has a nice post-Brantley piece on John Chiles, who says he's now "more hungry" and, my favorite: "It's not even really a commitment anymore," he said. "It's more of a countdown to the next national championship." You gotta like that confidence. Also of note: you see some of that same "prove the doubters wrong" attitude in Chiles that we saw in VY. Fearlessness and a desire to be the best are two traits you see in championship caliber players; I'm excited to see Chiles play this spring.

Don't forget to place your wager in the BSD bowl pick 'em game. I'll withhold making my wager on tonight's game until I get around to the Under The Hood later today.

SMQ is on a tear, pouring out a host of interesting articles, while earning some nice MSM recognition. Par for the course, it seems like.