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Should Mack Go After Gilbert Moye?

With John Brantley's decommitment from Texas for Florida, there are differing opinions on the depth at quarterback for the 'Horns right now. Some think we're fine, others hope Mack tries to land another quarterback prospect for the '07 class.

I keep going back and forth on this one - there's a case to be made for each side. Should Mack go after someone, one prospect that's generating a lot of buzz right now is Diboll senior Gilbert Moye. He's a freak of an athlete that originally wanted to attend Texas before the landscape changed (see: Brantley, John - commitment, Texas). Well, the landscape's changed again (see: Brantley John - decommitment, Texas).

But as of now, Moye's given a verbal commitment to Missouri. Any chance Texas can talk him out of heading to Columbia to pursue his first dream? I haven't any idea how realistic that is, but the buzz around Moye is that he's an unbelievable playmaker. From everything I can tell, he sounds intriguing, but it's not clear how much different he is than, say, John Chiles. Amazing athlete, project as a collegiate passer? We've got one of those, already.

Should Texas, then, try to bring in someone like Dallas Episcopal's Brock Mansion? It's worth thinking about, if only to have another pro-style quarterback on the depth chart.

After you get past those two, the situation becomes far more murky - so much so that I tend to believe Mack wouldn't go that direction for 2007. In the final analysis, going with McCoy, Sherrod Harris, and see-what-you-get with John Chiles might be the best route, with Texas focusing heavily on getting a big in-state name for 2008. That strategy might make 2007 and 2008 a bit nerve-wracking, but that's where we are for now. A panic move doesn't help the team much, anyway.