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The Schedule Ahead

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I hope your holiday time was spent with family and friends, some good food, and well-deserved rest. For my part, I'm out in California relaxing with family and preparing for a mini-bowl blitz. Holiday Bowl on Thursday. Rose Bowl on New Year's Day.

I'll also point out that my family spoiled me rotten with several outstanding gifts, the two best of which were a blue #10 Titans Vince Young jersey and The Singularity Is Near, a book by Ray Kurzweil on the future of nonbiological intelligence.

A great haul of loot.

Fortunately, my parents were on hand to video tape the moment when I donned my new jersey.

To the business at hand: we'll resume service here at BON starting today, with full Alamo Bowl and hoops team coverage for the remainder of the week. Previews of other bowls will continue, too - time permitting.

Best wishes to everyone and their families.