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Late Afternoon Coffee

The football team headed to San Antonio on Monday to begin practice and preparations for the Alamo Bowl. Mack Brown took some time to chat with the press, touching on a couple topics of interest. Notably, on McCoy:

We knew [the doctors] would look at him here, and we thought they would tell us when we got down here whether he could practice or not. His dad, Brad McCoy, came to practice and they said, 'Let's go see the doctors now,' and they did. They felt like he was far enough along to release him, which is really exciting because he's got three or four more days since that time to go home and work out. When you're in a coaching family, you obviously have a weight room at home and can throw to brothers. He looked really sharp today, and I think you can see a difference in his face. I think he knows he's well now and ready for the challenge.

I'll just say this one last time: I don't like the Brad McCoy Intervention Project. It's more than just inapporpriate; it's potentially not in the team's best interest. It is, after all, possible that Colt McCoy's father's agenda, and Texas' agenda, aren't completely aligned. Colt may be fine, but personally, I'd prefer to not see Brad McCoy's name in the papers any more. Mack needs to tell him to sit back with the other parents and let the team staff handle things.

Another week, another win for Vince Young and the Titans. Last week, it was the defense that carried the team to victory; this week, it was Vince, who finished 13 of 18 passing for 183 yards, including 2 touchdowns and no interceptions. He also added 61 more yards rushing, on just 8 carries, including a breathtaking 36 yard touchdown run at the end of the first half.

Now, for our Merril Hoge watch. Oh, we got a(nother) classic one this week, as Hoge was in studio with Trey Wingo and Sean Salisbury to break down the game. You can watch the video here. My favorite part? Sean Salisbury, during the opening highlights, when he says, "Trey, can I say something since Hoge is here?" Wingo: "Sure." Salisbury: "Hater in the house!" The next highlight is Vince's amazing touchdown run. Amazingly, in the post-highlight analysis, Hoge says again that "The Titans are not highlighting Vince. They are hiding him." The Hoge was maddening when this first started, but it's become pure gold comedy as it's dragged on.

One last note on the Titans: they're still alive in the playoff hunt, though the Jets win last night really stung. For them to get in now, they need:

  1. Beat New England in Nashville
  2. Kansas City to beat Jacksonville
  3. San Francisco to beat Denver
  4. Pittsburgh to beat Cincinnati
The odds of all four happening are very, very slim. Still, if it's gonna happen to anyone, it might as well be Vince.

Not sure what to do tonight? Place a wager in the Black Shoe Diaries Wagering Game and tune in to tonight's Motor City  Bowl. SMQ's got your preview.