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Afternoon Tea

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Colt McCoy and Limas Sweed chatted with the press after Tuesday's practice. Who knows how they'll look, but they at least sound good. We'll see.

Kirk Bohls looks back on his preseason predictions; reviewing them, he did awfully well. Had Texas beat the Aggies, it would have been downright uncanny. Nice work from Mr. Bohls.

Aaron Ross spoke briefly about his car crash, but offered little new information. Just one of the more bizarre stories in what's been a nasty cycle of news for Texas.

Orangebloods has some new video of Tatum tailback Lennon Creer. Very, very impressive footage, and you have to wonder whether Mack Brown will rethink opening the door for Creer. Reports indicate the talented rusher has his eyes on Texas.

For the third time this season, freshman Kevin Durant has been named the Big 12 Rookie of the Week. Frankly, through December, he's the national rookie of the year, and probably an All American (first or second team). He looks a lot better than Greg Oden, too. Oden's going to be a force, but the kid is raw, raw, raw.