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Thursday Bowl Blitz Open Thread

Three football games! Involving some real schools! Finally, bowl week heats up. Let's race through some previews and get this open thread up for discussion.

Independence Bowl: Alabama vs Oklahoma State
3:30 p.m., ESPN

Coachless Alabama takes on Oklahoma State in a classic offense-defense struggle. The Tide feature one of the nation's better defenses, while Pokie State brings in a talented, if young, offense. Last year's Cotton Bowl, of course, featured stingy defense Alabama against high octane offense Texas Tech, and the Tide won. Today? I'll guess that things stay under control, but the Cowboys win - 24-17.

Holiday Bowl: California vs Texas A&M
7:00 p.m., ESPN

The Holiday Bowl's always a fun one, and this year should be no different. One of the season's better bowl matchups, really. Can Cal slow down the power rushing attack of Texas A&M? Will Stephen McGee complete a forward pass? This is a big game for both teams, but I think it's a troubling matchup for the Aggies. I'll take Cal, 34-30.

Texas Bowl: Rutgers vs Kansas State
7:00 p.m., NFL Network

If they play a game and no one's around to see it, does it count? I suppose. This is trouble for the Wildcats. I'll take Rutgers in a walk, 37-13.

All your gameday comments, observations, and Aggie jokes here.