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Morning Coffee

Let's start with the biggest news from last night, which came via a diary from orangeblood1, in which a Houston Chronicle story was linked to. Within that article, we learn that Aldine forward Gary Johnson - Texas' biggest 2008 hoops recruit - committed to the Horns in part because Kevin Durant said he'd play with Johnson a year at Texas:

Smith said one of the factors in Johnson heading to the Longhorns was that Texas superstar Kevin Durant told him he would stay two years at the school.

The 6-foot-9 Durant, who is only a freshman, is projected to be the No. 2 pick in the upcoming NBA draft, according to reports from ESPN.

"Durant told Gary he would stay and play a year with him," Smith said. "I think Gary could leave after one year, too. No more than two."

Honestly, I'm afraid to say anything, because if there's any truth to it - shit, I don't wanna jinx it. Standard warnings: the quote did, in fact, come from the coach. Not Johnson. And, objectively, there's absolutely nothing for KD to gain by staying another year.

Except college basketball glory.  Which is all that counts. Right, Kevin? Right?!

Sticking with recruiting news, but switching over to football, Rivals is reporting that Dallas Skyline cornerback Christian Scott will make his official visit to Ausitn on January 19th. The four-star prospect has also taken official visits to Oklahoma, LSU, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M. It's too bad these kids don't just choose by quality of life: how the hell could Baton Rouge, College Station, Norman, and Stillwater compete with Austin?

I hope you never get tired of reading about Vince Young.

Because I never get tired of talking about him.  We'll keep today's note short: Bomani Jones thinks VY ought to be 2006's Athlete Of The Year. I agree. (Duh.)

Chip Brown notes that Frank Okam will seek a draft projection grade prior to this year's draft. I'll note, though, that this doesn't mean Okam will leave. After his injury-riddled 2006 campaign, Okam's draft stock has plummeted. At this point, he'd probably be a third or fourth round pick. He could rocket up into the first round easily with a big 2007 season. Here's to hoping.