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I'm Not Above Petty Schadenfreude

My annual pilgrimage to San Diego to watch the Holiday Bowl was sure to be a good one this year, what with any number of possible outcomes making me happy. If Cal wins - WOOP! A nice bit of ha! ha! If A&M wins - well, it's good for the Big 12. That's a win-win for a bowl I always have fun attending.

The game turned out to be no contest, as you know by now, but watching the Aggie fanbase sort of grimmace all game long - almost a constant constipation face - was delightful. The only moment of the night that I didn't enjoy was seeing super freshman Michael Goodson go down to injury. I didn't get a good look at what happened, but it looked like a knee injury - and a bad one, at that. Here's to hoping he recovers quickly, and fully. He's a special talent.

The rest of the blowout, though, was pure bliss. After the Aggies fell behind and it became clear they couldn't just run the football ad infinitum, I took special pleasure in watching Stephen McGee pretend to play quarterback. I kept waiting for the Aggie faithful around me to say, "But hot damn! At least he's gritty!"  It never came. No, the Aggies were groaning about his inability to complete a pass down the field. I heard - more than once - that the Aggies couldn't wait to see Jerrod Johnson.

It's amazing what a game will do to a fanbase. Just six hours ago, the Aggies were an optimistic, pipe dreaming, boastful bunch. Now? Back to reality - one big win since Fran arrived, and a flukey one at that.

And don't just take my word for it.  Let the cannabalism begin.